Affnetz™ Can Help Improve Nonprofit Stakeholder Engagement

Affnetz Can Help Improve Nonprofit Stakeholder Engagement

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Affnetz Can Help Improve Nonprofit Stakeholder Engagement!

In a survey of Nonprofit organizations respondents reported:

Only 43% of donors made repeat gifts in the following year.

Also, in our experience, less than 30% of volunteers return to serve year over year.

Fundraising effectiveness and volunteer operations success mean nurturing relationships with Stakeholders to keep them coming back. 

Nonprofits need to improve their Stakeholders’ experiences in several critical areas including:

Stakeholder Connectedness

Websites lacking fresh information

Information about other Stakeholders

Event Management

Feedback mechanisms

Collaboration tools

Engagement of Sponsors and Advertisers

However, many Nonprofits rely on an array of standalone technical solutions that don’t allow them to provide the best experience for Stakeholders.

Affnetz provides an affordable, integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform that handles all your critical processes.

Nonprofits can save time and money while delivering a superior experience for Stakeholders

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