Automating and integrating your critical organizational processes - A to Z

Michael Leppitsch – Advisory Board Member

Michael enables business ecosystems by building alliances among startups and Fortune 1000 companies.

His toolkit contains digital-first business and go-to-market strategies, data science, digital and human workflows, machine learning, APIs, public cloud, industrial IIoT, and three decades of hands-on expertise in services, manufacturing, utilities, and the business end of startups. 

Michael has volunteered since childhood. Highlights include,

  • Serving as the youngest certified member of the volunteer fire brigade in Ponte Vedra Beach in middle school
  • Chaperoning local Boy Scout Troop events,
  • Participating in regional park trail building
  • Organizing industry conferences in college
  • Creating and delivering “coming of age” workshops for young men
  • Driving safe night vans in the university anti-rape task force, and many more
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