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Website management software from Affnetz™ for Nonprofits and Associations

Website management software from Affnetz™ for Nonprofits and Associations is a full-featured Content Management System. It allows you comprehensive control of your online and mobile presence, which is critical for communicating with the organization’s membership and the world-at-large. Affnetz™ provides website management software with the intuitive functionality needed to make effective and efficient content management a reality.

The Problem: Keeping your Nonprofit or Association’s website and mobile presence up-to-date.

Keeping your digital content fresh is essential. It conveys a sense of the organization’s vitality and professionalism. “Tired” digital content suggests at best inefficiency and at worst a “don’t care” attitude. Any negative perceptions could be extended to the organization as a whole, damaging the brand.

Most organizations do not intend to show out-of-date digital content. Most likely, they suffer from ineffective content management software along with other technology concerns

If content management is outsourced, the cost of keeping content fresh could be slowing down updates.

If the organization utilizes content management software, two problems can occur. First, some CMS solutions have a steep learning curve. It takes time for employees to learn how to use it, resulting in fewer people knowing how to update digital content. Second, with lean staffing, the people available to learn and use the content management software poses an obstacle.

Affnetz™ Website Management Software

Website Management Software from Affnetz™ avoids these problems by providing easy-to-use content management software to keep digital content up to date. This content management software has the additional advantage of being part of the integrated Affnetz™ platform. This reduces the need to import data from other software systems in the website management software. This improves efficiency so you can make the most out of limited staff resources.

Affnetz™ Website Management Software Features

  • Simultaneously modify online and mobile pages
  • Publishing workflow tools
  • Store and index digital assets
  • Robust search and retrieval
  • Full reporting on Content Management Software performance
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Create Dynamic Web Pages
  • Upload Images, PDFs and files
  • Staff/Board Directories
  • Menu Navigation Control
  • Blogs & News Articles
  • Photo Album/Galleries
  • Unlimited Web Pages within the Content Management Software
  • Post Job Opportunities
  • Security Access & Admin AccountsWebsiteCMS

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations