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From galas to board meetings to house parties to volunteer trainings, creating and managing successful events takes significant effort. Affnetz Event Management features a comprehensive event console that allows you to easily create and manage multiple events via online and mobile pages – all through one system.

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Key Features for Nonprofit Event Management Software

Affnetz Turnkey Event Management features a comprehensive event console that allows you to easily create and manage multiple events via online and mobile responsive pages.

Creating Events

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Managing Events

Email Marketing

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Personalized Dashboard

Seamless registration and payment process

Quickbooks Integration

Affnetz Integration for More Robust Turnkey Event Management

Creating Events

Create, edit, and seamlessly post events to your website using Affnetz Website Management which is integrated with Affnetz Turnkey Event Management. The event editor is incredibly easy to use and allows you to upload images and ensure your branding is best represented in terms of colors and design.

Managing Events
Affnetz CRM is integrated and will capture registrants’ contact information not yet in your system. Event registrations are also automatically created in each registrant’s record, which means staff doesn’t have to spend valuable time on this mundane, but important task.  Stay in touch and keep registrants with built-in contact with individuals, groups, or all event registrants. 
Email Marketing
Affnetz Email Marketing is integrated to support event promotion, allowing you to monitor opens and click-throughs for possible follow-up and set up automation to remove current registrants from your marketing efforts.
Personalized Dashboard
Affnetz’s dashboard provides real-time data and analytics on all registrations for all of your events. Thus, your team can monitor and access event information when needed in an at-a-glance and user-friendly manner.
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Turnkey event management involves the management of all facets associated with planning, holding, and following up an event.

Turnkey event management software is critical to a Nonprofit’s holding successful events. From planning, managing, executing, and following up on events, event software provides an extra set of hands of all facets of event management. An additional feature is the documentation of each event which can be used to improve on future events, and ensuring institutional memory is captured for better constituent relationship management.

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