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While all donors are important, Nonprofits benefit strongly by cultivating Major Donors. Affnetz Major Donors allows you to focus on the 5% of your donors that contribute up to 95% of your Nonprofit’s fundraising revenue.

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Key Features

Affnetz  tracks the potential donor from one step to the next. In addition, it features a full-featured reporting capability that allows Nonprofit leaders to see the status and predicted outcomes of the process.

Effective Board Management tools

Donor cultivation

Major Donor engagement

Donor Stewardship

Personalized communication

At-a-glance reports

Affnetz Integration for More Robust Major Donor Management & Engagement

The first step in successfully managing Major Nonprofit Donors is to well…identify them. One way to find major donors is to leverage the Nonprofit’s existing networks. This can be accomplished by recruiting Board Members and current Major Donors to reach out to their networks. These ambassadors of the Nonprofit should be given clear direction on the type of people targeted and how best to approach them. The Affnetz Board Management and other Stakeholder Management modules provide robust tools to support this effort.
Step two is to cultivate the potential donor. This is the time when trust is built between the potential donor and the Nonprofit. The prospect may be invited to speak at an event, consult on important Nonprofit issues or participate in projects directly bearing on the Nonprofit’s mission.
Once sufficient trust has been built, then the Nonprofit can ask for a donation. Since trust has been created, the request is more likely to be successful. Even if the request is turned down, the trust-building actions need to continue. Ongoing engagement of high net worth individuals can heighten the Nonprofit’s good name in the community.
Once a donation has been received, the work to maintain a long-term relationship continues. This is an ongoing phase that aims to retain a good relationship with Major Donors over the longest possible time period.


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In a survey of Nonprofit organizations* respondents reported: Only 43% of donors made repeat gifts in the following year. Also, in our experience, less than 30% of volunteers return to serve year over year. Fundraising effectiveness and volunteer operations success over the long term depends on nurturing relationships with these and other Stakeholders to keep them coming back year after year. Nonprofits are under pressure to improve their Stakeholders’ experiences in several critical areas including:
  • Stakeholder Connectedness
  • Websites lacking fresh information
  • Information about other Stakeholders such as Donors, Volunteers, Board of Directors, and Beneficiaries
  • Event Management
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Collaboration tools
  • Engagement of Sponsors and Advertisers
However, many Nonprofits rely on an array of standalone technical Solutions that do not allow them to provide the best experience for Stakeholders. Affnetz provides an affordable, integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform that handles all your critical processes. Nonprofits can save time and money while delivering a superior experience for Stakeholders. * 2019 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, The Fundraising Effectiveness Project – 2019 FUNDRAISING EFFECTIVENESS SURVEY REPORT

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For Donors: affnetz can support increased engagement with your organization. Frequent communication with donors can reduce attrition and reinforce their commitment to the organization’s Mission.

For Volunteers: enhanced collaboration and communication features of affnetz help clarify expectations for their volunteer duties and improve coordination to make optimal use of their time and talent.

Affnetz provides these important stakeholders with tools to increase the value of their contributions. It increases the “stickiness,” thus enhancing their commitments, service, and volunteer efforts. Stakeholders are reluctant to leave because it means giving up valuable benefits the Platform offers, including losing interaction opportunities and accumulated data.

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