Unify Multiple Standalone Software Tools With One Fully-Integrated Solution.

Potentially save up to 35% off current software costs and improve productivity by 48% with Affnetz™.

No Forced Demos. No Hidden Costs. No Contracts.

Trusted By Leading Nonprofits

The Affnetz Advantages

Affnetz eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone software packages and replaces them with a cost-effective, all-in-one Nonprofit Management solution. Whether it is Nonprofit Donor Engagement and Management, Turnkey Event Management, or  Beneficiary management,  Affnetz – Best Nonprofit Management Software handles critical Nonprofit processes with an All-in-One solution. 

Fundraising Campaign

Launch and monitor your fundraising campaigns with ease.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
(Individuals & Teams)

Leverage the personal networks of your stakeholders with Affnetz’s intuitive Peer-to-Peer fundraising module.

Donor Management &

Fine-tune your fundraising approach and increase revenue with detailed information on your donors

Volunteer Management,
Engagement & Online Portal

Coordinate Volunteer efforts and communicate mission updates with ease

Beneficiary Management
& Engagement

Measure mission success by staying up to date with information about your Beneficiary’s past and present.

Board Management, Engagement & Online Portal

Improve engagement with your board of directors and drive mission achievement


Enable your users to build and leverage close professional relationships with other members by using the Member/Stakeholder database.

Robust Task Management (Individuals & Teams)

Automate task management for staff, leaders, and volunteers across your Nonprofit in simple steps.

Major Donors
Management &

Identify, segment, and track where each major donor is in the fundraising cycle.

Turnkey Event

Easily create and manage multiple events with a comprehensive event console.

Surveys and

Support better decision-making through comprehensive feedback and survey collection features.

Website Integration
and CMS

Comprehensive control of your online and mobile presence through a full-featured Content Management system.

Sponsorship Management & Reporting

Experience dynamic workflow and interactive collaboration tools to support Sponsor relationships.


Configure and save your own reports with an easy-to-use interface and large-scale reporting flexibility.

Quickbooks Integration

No more double data entry logging gifts. Affnetz integrates with Quickbooks for seamless gift entry.

Email Marketing & Communications

Communicating with your Nonprofit’s stakeholders in one system means no more exports to another software program.

About Us- Best Nonprofit Management Software

With decades of Nonprofit leadership experience, we’ve designed Affnetz to provide best-in-class capabilities to support your Nonprofit's critical processes.

By providing seamless integration between modules, Affnetz ensures Nonprofits have all the data they need across their organiazation. This bolsters productivity by eliminating multiple data entry, freeing up Nonprofit staff to focus on more mission critical and higher payoff tasks.

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