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Affnetz™ Feedback Software

Affnetz™ Feedback Software
Feedback from Stakeholders supports better decision making by Nonprofits and Member-based Associations as they strive to achieve their missions. Affnetz™ Feedback Software covers all the bases for executing this essential function. Feedback from all Stakeholder types benefits the organization.


Donors (Nonprofits) – Understanding what makes donors tick provides a huge opportunity toward fiscal stability. Money drives the mission, the more that is known about Donor opinions and attitude through the use of feedback software, the more likely revenue can be optimized.


Members (Associations) – Engaged and satisfied Members constitute a big part of the Association’s success quotient. The best way to know how Members want to be engaged is via a free-flowing feedback process.


Volunteers – Nonprofits and Member-based Associations both depend on volunteers to get the job done. Yet, what keeps volunteers coming forward? Gathering feedback from volunteers can help fine-tune processes that keep them satisfied and committed.


Board of Directors – Robust feedback software can help understand the attitudes, perceptions and opinions of these important constituents. Knowing what the Board is thinking helps the organization’s leadership get the most out of this group.


Beneficiaries (Nonprofits) – Beneficiaries can be the forgotten stakeholders. Those receiving programs or services provided by the organization may sometimes lack a means and perhaps the motivation to interact with the organization after receiving aid. To measure progress toward achieving the mission, the impact of programs or services the organization enables must be known.


Sponsors and Advertisers – Revenue from these Stakeholders can be an important piece of the financial picture. Having an “early warning” feedback loop can avoid unexpected interruptions in support.


Community-at-Large – How is your organization viewed by the public? In an era of lightning-quick social media meltdowns, using feedback software to know current public perceptions of the organization provides a baseline against which to measure emerging trends.


Affnetz™ Feedback Software allows your organization to easily create and manage feedback loops with your stakeholders to support better decision making.



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