Affinity Networking

No Forced Demos. No Hidden Costs. No Contracts.

Affinity (Noun): A spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something. 

Affnetz (Noun): Affinity Social Networking & Collaboration Solutions –    A to Z

Affinity Networking is your network within a network; a network of your closest allies and collaborators.

They may comprise only 20% or less of your total network but could account for 80% or more of network value. Affnetz helps to build and strengthen this segment of your network by allowing deeper connections within a robust network database. It features detailed notes capability and stakeholder messaging.

Connected members serve as a fundamental strength for your Nonprofit. Stakeholders who view the Nonprofit as a nexus of their professional and social network value their involvement more. This leads to increased donors and optimal revenue flows. The Affnetz Member Portal is the hub where your members can interact and build their Affinity Network.

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