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Achieving your Nonprofit’s mission means serving your beneficiaries. Affnetz Beneficiary Management helps you manage information about their past, current, and planned interactions with your Nonprofit

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Affnetz Beneficiary Management Software

Affnetz Beneficiary Management Software

Achieving your Nonprofit’s mission means serving your beneficiaries. Affnetz Beneficiary Management helps you manage information about their past, current, and planned interactions with your Nonprofit.

More than just managing your beneficiaries, Affnetz goes further and helps you engage directly with them to systematically understand what works, what needs improvement, and to better measure outcomes. 

As strange as it sounds, beneficiaries are often the forgotten stakeholders in Nonprofit data management. Most Nonprofit software is focused solely on donors and fundraising, which makes managing, tracking, and measuring your Nonprofit’s outcomes difficult. Affnetz Beneficiary Management provides you with this powerful functionality.

Data about beneficiaries can be captured and analyzed to measure your Nonprofit’s outcomes, improve programs, and remain on the leading edge of program delivery and responsiveness. Staff can easily personalize the platform to include any data they want to track and measure.

Formative evaluations are a breeze as you determine how successfully the project follows your strategy on a rolling and ongoing basis. This allows course correction and tweaking your strategy during the project rather than waiting until it’s complete. Plus, you can use Affnetz Comprehensive Reporting to tailor a report and automate it for delivery based on your selected timeframe. This helps your entire team, literally, be on the same page.

Summative evaluations are also quite easy to conduct, as you’ve been tracking key data, activities, and outputs, which also roll-up into Affnetz Comprehensive Reporting, where you can tailor reports based on your needs. This means no more waiting until the grant ends for your fundraising team to meet with your program team to discuss the data needed for an upcoming grant report – and scurry to get the report in on time. Affnetz breaks down the typical silo nature of different teams, allowing them to work together from the beginning of the project.  

Depending on the type of beneficiaries your Nonprofit works with, you can also use Affnetz Beneficiary Management to solicit program-related data from those receiving programs or services from your Nonprofit. Affnetz’s open architecture provides a permission-based platform that is easy for beneficiaries to log in and input data. This increases accuracy and dramatically reduces hundreds of hours of staff time seeking data and making beneficiaries feel like they’re being constantly measured and evaluated. This also provides agency to beneficiaries as they play a more active role in their relationship with your Nonprofit. 

Beneficiaries can also provide feedback via Affnetz’s integrated Surveys and Feedback solution. Those receiving programs or services provided by the Nonprofit sometimes lack the means and perhaps the motivation to interact with the organization. Feedback from beneficiaries helps your Nonprofit improve programs and services to increase responsiveness and positive social outcomes. This feedback can also be used in reporting outcomes and capturing and sharing stories from your beneficiaries with your Nonprofit’s other audiences.

Affnetz Robust Task Management can be used to track key tasks and projects related to working with beneficiaries. This provides each team member, and your entire team, with an overview of key activities. At-a-glance, or drilling down tasks by type, date, person, or team, you’re team will have a 360-degree view of all program-related activities. This helps eliminate taking up so much meeting time for program updates, as everyone is aware of what’s happening. Meeting time can then be better spent on solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities.

Your team can also use Affnetz Turnkey Event Management System (AEMS). AEMS is truly turnkey when it comes to beneficiaries, training, workshops, or any type of event can be planned and implemented. 

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