Beneficiary Management

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Achieving your organization’s mission means serving your beneficiaries. Affnetz helps you stay current with information about their past, current and planned interactions with your organization.

Affnetz Beneficiary Management Software

Affnetz Beneficiary Management Software

Achieving your organization’s mission means serving your beneficiaries. Affnetz helps you stay current with information about their past, current and planned interactions with your organization.

As strange as it sounds, beneficiaries can be the forgotten stakeholders for your Nonprofit. Those receiving programs or services provided by your organization may sometimes lack a means and perhaps the motivation to interact with the Nonprofit after receiving aid. Maybe your philanthropy is delivered by a third party that protects the privacy of beneficiaries.  

Yet, to measure progress toward achieving your mission, the impact of programs or services your organization enables must be known. Beneficiary Management Software helps.

Beneficiary Database

Affnetz Beneficiary Management Software leverages the power of the Beneficiary database to track groups and individuals. By utilizing a subset of the overall Stakeholder database, data about beneficiaries can be captured and analyzed to measure the level of mission success.

Beneficiary Feedback

Another critical Beneficiary Management process concerns obtaining feedback from those receiving programs or services from your Nonprofit. While knowing the raw numbers regarding your organization’s giving, the real impact of that giving can only be experienced by those receiving aid. How do they feel your programs or services have helped them? How can you find this information? The only way is to ask the recipients themselves. However, without Beneficiary Management Software, gathering this information from beneficiaries can be complicated.

Problems include:

Third parties handle aid delivery and protect the privacy of Beneficiaries

Recipients programs or services may be reluctant to discuss what they have received to protect their privacy, out of fear of authority figures or anxiety about jeopardizing future aid.

Despite these challenges, gaining feedback as part of a Beneficiary Management program serves as a primary way for Nonprofits to assess their effectiveness and to make changes to improve performance. Also, independent charity watchdogs like Charity Navigator plan to add Nonprofit rating criteria regarding beneficiary perception data collection.

Affnetz Beneficiary Management Software supports gathering beneficiary opinion data via the Affnetz Feedback and Survey feature. Campaign Management is not complete until feedback reveals beneficiary opinions about their experience.

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