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Your Board of Directors plays a critical leadership role in ensuring your Nonprofit’s success. Affnetz Board Management, Engagement, and Online Portal helps maximize their motivation, engagement, and success with your Nonprofit.

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Key Features of Board Management Software

With Affnetz Board Management, Engagement, and Online Portal you will engage board members between meetings and throughout the year.
Board Management Software

Year-Long Engagement

Integrated System

Organized Online Portal

Timely Reporting

Accountable Task Management

Permission-based Access

Affnetz Integration for More Board Management, Engagement, and Online Portal

Year-Long Engagement
Your board committees have the opportunity to be active between board meetings, and provide input on programs, finance, fundraising, and other matters.
Integrated System

Affnetz Board Management, Engagement, and Online Portal software is integrated with your CRM, fundraising efforts, report generation, and overall task management – all under one roof. This saves staff time from having to learn multiple systems and cobble data together from different systems.

Organized Online Portal
The Affnetz online portal provides storage for documents, reports, and all communications can be generated and are captured in the portal. This helps maximize each board member’s time and contributions to the Nonprofit.
Timely Reporting

Affnetz Reporting allows Nonprofits to build, save, and automate the delivery of their own reports with an easy-to-use interface. This ensures board members get the right information at the right time. Automated report generation is a breeze since the board management and comprehensive reporting modules are housed under one integrated software.

Board Management Software


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FAQ's for board management software

The best board management software will provide opportunities to strengthen the board and help Nonprofit’s, particularly executive teams, ensure board members are engaged and contributing to the Nonprofit’s success.

Board management software has many benefits, including:

Helping board members succeed

Capturing institutional memory of all board activity and decision making

Providing board members with a one-stop-shop for their board activities (e.g. one location for all board materials and communicaitons

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