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Campaign Management Software from Affnetz™

Effective fundraising demands attention to all the details. Campaign Management Software from Affnetz™ provides you with the tools to design, launch and manage your campaigns with ease.


Nonprofit fundraising experts stress that well-planned and executed campaigns need to meet several essential requirements. Affnetz™ covers all the bases for successful fundraising campaign management.


First, organization leaders must define the target donors. With the Affnetz™ Donor Database, donors can be analyzed and better understood. This understanding leads to an ability to sharply craft campaign messaging. The Donor Database also allows segmentation that targets the donors who will be most motivated to give.


Second, after the campaign objective and target donors have been clearly defined, the communication plan must be created. Experts recommend that a clear and compelling story must be crafted to forge an emotional bond between the giver and the organization.


Third, once the campaign content has been created, it must be communicated to the target donors. The Affnetz™ Campaign Management Software features an integrated e-mail marketing capability. This allows Donor Database information to be seamlessly accessed by the e-mail function. This eliminates Inefficient and error-prone data Importing between two systems.


Fourth, Board Member involvement is another best practice in campaign management. Board Members can leverage their networks and provide experienced advice to help meet the campaign’s goals. Affnetz™ facilitates Board involvement with a Committee Management function that can help keep Board Member activity organized.


Fifth, Affnetz™ Campaign Management Software streamlines donation processing with built-in integration with QuickBooks®. Donations flow inside Affnetz™ without manual entry.


Finally, post-campaign feedback can be gathered via the Affnetz™ Feedback and Survey feature. Campaign Management is not complete until feedback reveals donor opinions about their donation experience. This information will provide guidance for future campaigns

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  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations