Affnetz Vision/Mission/Goals/Values

No Forced Demos. No Hidden Costs. No Contracts.

Affnetz Vision

Support organizations that serve our communities.

Affnetz Mission

To serve Nonprofits with world-class, affordable software solutions that help them advance their missions.

Affnetz Goals

In five years, we will:

Save One Million Hours

Save One Hundred Million Dollars

Generate One Billion Dollars in Funding for our customers’ Nonprofits

Affnetz Values

Empowerment – We believe in empowering Nonprofits to more effectively accomplish their missions

Engagement – We believe in strengthening donor engagement to more intimately connect people to a Nonprofit’s mission.

Partnership – We believe this stronger engagement cultivates a sense of mission partnership.

Community – We believe that when local communities thrive, everyone benefits.

Fairness – We believe in fairness for all concerned. 

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