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Volunteer Management Software from Affnetz™

Volunteer Management Software from Affnetz™

Volunteers believe in your mission. Yet, keeping them engaged takes a lot of effort. The more information you have on volunteers, the better chance you have to keep them involved and motivated. Using volunteer management to organize coordination of their efforts and consistently communicate works to deepen volunteer engagement.

How to Find Volunteers

If your organization is building a corps of volunteers from scratch, consider conducting a recruitment drive similar to a fundraising campaign.


As a first step, identify the target audience for a recruitment message. You may discover existing donors are perfect candidates for volunteers. Experts point out that Donors have already voted with their dollars in support of your organization’s mission. With just the right kind of volunteer management message, they can be persuaded to donate not only their “treasure” but also their time and talent.


If you are expanding beyond your donor base in search of volunteers, a volunteer management best practice is to ask donors for help by leveraging their personal and professional networks. Often a request from someone they know will be more likely to motivate a person to volunteer.


Once volunteer candidate contact information is known, it can be added into the Affnetz™ Volunteer Database.

Volunteer Recruitment with Affnetz™

Once donor candidates have been identified, then a crisp, professional e-mail campaign can be launched. The Affnetz™ Volunteer Management Software features an integrated e-mail marketing capability. This allows Volunteer Database information to be seamlessly accessed by the e-mail function thereby eliminating inefficient and error-prone data importing between two systems.

Another way to use volunteer management to find new volunteers is through social media. Affnetz™ allows you to post on 50+ social media sites at the touch of a button. Not only will this exponentially increase the reach of your recruitment message, but it also signals to potential volunteers (especially younger demographics) that your organization is up-to-date on relevant social media platforms.

Volunteer Management with Affnetz™

Affnetz™ Volunteer Management Software helps your organization successfully manage these important stakeholders to maximize their contributions of time and talent as well as deepening their commitment to your mission.

As official volunteers they can be log into Affnetz™ to get the latest information, communicate with other stakeholders and participate on projects, teams and committees. Affnetz™ can be used to track their hours devoted to projects, campaigns and events.

The Affnetz™ platform enables full engagement with for volunteers.

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  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations