Donor Management & Engagement

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Donations and donor engagement are critical to Nonprofit survival.

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Donor Management & Engagement

Donations and donor engagement are critical to Nonprofit survival.

Affnetz Donor Management and Engagement captures past and continued donations, as well as donor engagement activities. This enables your Nonprofit to fine-tune its fundraising approach, sustain and grow donations, and dramatically increase donor engagement and involvement with your Nonprofit.

Affnetz tackles the donor management challenge from all angles.


Creating a clear picture of a donor and other Nonprofit stakeholders means capturing, maintaining, and acting on the right information. Affnetz CRM does more than just manage and engage donors. With Affnetz, you determine which stakeholders you want to you want to manage and engage (donors, major donors, board members, staff, volunteers, program beneficiaries, sponsors, etc.).

Related to fundraising, you can capture all donor communications as well as the moves management process by viewing all donor touchpoints in a specific donor record, or in the aggregate. You can also manage the relationships the donor has with your Nonprofit (board member, volunteer solicitor, solicitor assigned to the donor, etc.).

Affnetz Integrations for More Robust Donor Management & Engagement

Integration with Affnetz Task Management allows you to create and assign tasks to yourself, team members, board members, or fundraising volunteers various activities related to donor engagement and fundraising. 

The AffnetzDashboard is personalized to support your unique information needs. You can track key metrics (recent donations, new donors, board solicitations, month-over-month donations, open tasks, etc.) that keep you informed and power better decision making.

Integration with Affnetz T Reporting provides canned and customized reporting to help drive better decision making. Nonprofits can build their own reports with an easy-to-use interface – providing the right information at the right time.

Integration with Affnetz E-mail Marketing means your CRM is directly linked to your email marketing system, making email campaigns seamless.

Integration with Affnetz Surveys and Feedback allows you to capture donor feedback, and ensure you are addressing and acting on specific donor needs.

Affnetz QuickBooks® Integration means that donations seamlessly post within Affnetz Donor Management and Engagement. Inefficient manual entry is eliminated and productivity increases.

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