Nonprofit Stakeholder Database: Understand Stakeholders Better with Affnetz

Nonprofit Stakeholder Database: Understand Stakeholders Better with Affnetz

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A Nonprofit stakeholder is any person or organization that is affected by the Nonprofit’s mission. Examples are:




Board members


Therefore, achievement of the organization’s mission hinges on positive relationships with Stakeholders. Successful Nonprofit organizations take time to identify and craft tailored communications strategies for each of their stakeholder groups. Targeted messages sent at the right time can have a big impact on the health of those relationships. Creating and maintaining a robust Nonprofit Stakeholder Database greatly enhances the organization’s ability to communicate with Stakeholders. Characteristics of an effective database are:

Organizes all Stakeholder information in one location​

Captures multiple attributes of each Stakeholder

Allows notes to be made and stored about interactions with Stakeholders​

Integrates with a blast email system​

Integrates with a feedback system​

Affnetz – A Full-Featured Nonprofit Stakeholder Database

Affnetz delivers all the best features of a Nonprofit Stakeholder Database and more.

Stakeholder Database – the Affnetz Stakeholder Database, is housed within a full-featured Customer Relation Management (CRM) system to help you keep detailed tabs on the health of your stakeholder base. The Affnetz Stakeholder Database allows the organization to have a complete view of actions that build and sustain the health of the Stakeholder base.

Email Marketing – A comprehensive email marketing capability natively integrates with the Nonprofit Stakeholder Database to support digital marketing efforts.

Feedback and Surveys – Feedback from Stakeholders supports better decision making by The Affnetz Feedback Software covers all the bases for executing this essential function by seamlessly integrating with the Nonprofit Stakeholder Database.

Private Digital Clip Notes – Affnetz provides a patent-pending note capture process that helps preserve crucial Stakeholder information as it happens. A powerful search function so past notes can be easily retrieved.

Team/Group Management – The Nonprofit Stakeholder Database integrates with the Team.Group Management function to help Stakeholders work together more effectively to achieve the organization’s mission.

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