How to Leverage Nonprofit Social Media

Nonprofit Management Software / By affnetz

Not-for-profit leaders want to learn how to leverage Nonprofit social media. Nonprofit social media has become a primary way Nonprofits connect with Stakeholders and the community-at-large. According to Hootsuite, a global leader in social media management, there are several benefits to be gained when organizations leverage Nonprofit social media. 

Promote Awareness

In seeking to accomplish its mission, a Nonprofit must communicate, educate and advocate. It must reach out to an audience of its existing stakeholders, potential stakeholders and the overall community to support the Nonprofit’s mission. Awareness can be raised via many channels, but today, Nonprofit social media provides a lot of bang for the buck because of the huge popularity of this growing medium.

Build Community

Nonprofit social media can bring new people into the organization’s community and engage existing Stakeholders. Stakeholders who interact with others in the organization experience a feeling of belonging and a sense of common purpose. Efforts to leverage Nonprofit social media build bonds that promote deep Stakeholder commitment for the long run.

Inspire Action

Nonprofit social media calls to action can motivate Stakeholders and the greater community to give in the form of time, talent and treasure (financial) in support of the mission. The organization’s calls to action can be amplified via social media by reposts and other sharing which not only extends reach but lends credibility.

Share Impact

Publicizing examples of “mission accomplished” via Nonprofit social media provides evidence of a successful organization to the community. Organizations perceived as successful attract more dollars, volunteers and goodwill. 

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