For Affnetz, CUSTOMIZATION is Not a Dirty Word

For affnetz, CUSTOMIZATION is Not a Dirty Word

With so many features, affnetz can meet your critical requirements.

First, features can be turned on and turned off at your choice. Don’t need a web Content Management System? With the flip of a switch, this feature and its attendant cost can be turned off.

Second, affnetz can be further customized to meet your unique needs. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll provide a plan and cost estimate for adding that new functionality.

We charge a very reasonable rate for discovery and development. The average time for discovery is four hours. If the customization is possible, then we will provide a fixed-price estimate.

We believe this straightforward, transparent approach gives you peace of mind. It is how we work at affnetz. Please check out our Service Ethic page ( for more information.

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