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Nonprofits are infamous for tight budgets. Regardless of size, cause, and history, all Nonprofits can greatly benefit from affordable Nonprofit CRM software. As a Nonprofit you do not have to always compromise on resources to run operations successfully. 

Nonprofit CRM software is used by Nonprofits to run everyday functions like operations, fundraising, stakeholder management and engagement etc. A lot of recent software options include functions like accounting, marketing, timely reports, donor engagement and so much more. 

Nonprofit professionals are often subject to the task of maximizing revenue with very few resources. In order to take advantage of a good Nonprofit CRM software, you do not necessarily need a large budget. The market has plenty of options that cater to tight budgets and Nonprofits of various sizes. Additionally, a lot of software is customisable. This allows you to fine tune your software based on the unique needs of your Nonprofit. 

In this blog post, let’s explore some free Nonprofit CRM software options, their features,  and other such details. While this list is an overview of the available options, it is best to spend time finding the right software for your Nonprofit.

Affnetz eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone software packages and replaces them with a cost-effective, all-in-one Nonprofit Management solution. Whether it is Nonprofit Donor Engagement and Management, Turnkey Event Management, or  Beneficiary management,  Affnetz – Best Nonprofit Management Software handles critical Nonprofit processes with an All-in-One solution.

With decades of Nonprofit leadership experience, Affnetz was designed to provide best-in-class capabilities to support a Nonprofit’s critical processes.

By providing seamless integration between modules, Affnetz ensures Nonprofits have all the data they need across their organization. This bolsters productivity by eliminating multiple data entry, freeing up Nonprofit staff to focus on more mission critical and higher payoff tasks.

Affnetz is free for Small Nonprofits under 250 K revenue/year and there’s a free trial for medium to large Nonprofits.

dropbox logo affnetz
Founded in 2007 by Drew Houston,
Dropbox is a popular cloud storage and file synchronization service that allows organizations to maintain a business ecosystem on cloud. It’s widely known for its secure and reliable mode of operations. Users can store files, documents, photos and any other type of media. All this data can be accessed at any time with a stable internet connection. 

Dropbox also ensures that any changes made to data are synchronized across all devices. For many large organizations, this feature provides up-to-date information and saves time required for double checking. 

Nonprofits can use Dropbox to create a digital vault of all their important documents. This includes donor databases, grant applications and so much more. 

Dropbox also provides a platform for teams to work together and collaborate on projects. Coordination amongst team members is simplified and the Nonprofit benefits from up-to-date information.

asana logo affnetz
is one of many project management tools that keeps track of tasks, project updates and other staff related assignments. It was first founded by Dustin Moskovitz in 2008. Since its inception, Asana has grown to be used by a wide variety of organizations and Nonprofits. Any team looking to streamline their everyday goals can benefit from Asana’s features. 

Asana’s task management features are unique and intuitive. Users can visualize the project management flow with ease. Projects can be organized according to the unique priorities of different organizations. Asana completely eliminates the need for lengthy email chains and instead provides a user-friendly platform for collaboration. Teams can work at one station without any room for misinformation. 

Nonprofits with multiple parallel programs can truly benefit from Asana’s tools. All assignments, and deadlines are displayed to the appropriate members. Project related media can be included in the task lists to further improve efficiency. Asana helps Nonprofit professionals stay accountable for their tasks in a particular project. Asana also offers pre-made templates that are specifically designed for Nonprofits.

01-office-family (1)
With word, excel, access, and Powerpoint, combined in one tool, the Microsoft office suite might just be the right software for your Nonprofit. At discounted prices and Nonprofit cloud subscriptions, Microsoft has many options that your Nonprofit can pick from. Although Microsoft office suite does not have a free version, the discounted prices might be of interest to your Nonprofit. The familiarity of the Office suite has a great advantage in saving time and reducing training time for staff. With a full plethora of tools, the Microsoft Office Suite is simple, efficient, and easy.

PayPal logo affnetz
is a long-standing financial technology company that operates online payment systems. PayPal’s has completely revolutionized how individuals and organizations choose to make payments. Nonprofits that engage in line fundraising and donations can largely benefit from PayPal’s services. Nonprofits can use PayPal to accept donations from donors via the internet. Online fundraising is also majorly convenient for donors who find it difficult to spare time for Nonprofit contributions. With PayPal, Nonprofits can accept donations from all over the world. The lack of geographical restrictions improves the scope of a Nonprofit. Using PayPal, Nonprofits can encourage recurring giving programs. PayPal banks on the convenience of online fundraising, allowing Nonprofits to achieve their fundraising targets. PayPal also provides reports that Nonprofits can use to analyze and understand donation trends.

Google Workspace
Formerly known as G Suite,
Google Workspace is a collection of tools intended to improve productivity and efficiency. The familiarity of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and other such tools allows Nonprofits to immediately use the system. These tools are so common, there is no learning period required for staff to get comfortable with the system. Google Workspace is also known for its reliability for all operations. Google Workspace has all the basic tools needed to get started for any Nonprofit. The integration of Google Calendar with Google meet allows timely discussions and a smoother workflow.

Sign Up Genius affnetz
Sign Up Genius
is a software solution that simplifies event management, volunteer management, scheduling, fundraising, and other Nonprofit operational activities. Nonprofit staff often do not have the liberty to spend hours scheduling volunteer shifts. Sign Up Genius creates online forms for the sign up process which frees Nonprofit staff to focus on higher value tasks. The system is automated to send reminder notifications, increase participation, and reduce the manual labor usually required to run events. Moreover, Sign Up Genius provides tracking features that allows Nonprofits to analyze event success and volunteer contribution.

Stripe logo affnetz
Although Stripe may not offer the full range of services that a Nonprofit CRM software provider does, it is an efficient payment services provider most used by businesses. On Stripe, merchants can accept debit cards, credit cards, and other payments. If your Nonprofit gets most of its donations online, you can truly benefit from Stripe. With features uniquely built around online payments, Stripe might just be the payment partner you’re looking for. Moreover, Stripe also provides fee discounts for Nonprofit organizations. Head over to their website

Salesforce logo affnetz
is a cloud-based CRM platform with a “Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud” designed specifically for nonprofits. It supports the management of volunteer coordination, fundraising campaigns, and donor connections. Nonprofit organizations may effectively engage constituents, track programme outcomes, and make data-driven decisions by utilizing marketing tools, data analytics, and mobile accessibility. Salesforce helps nonprofit organizations run more efficiently, produce more work, and have a bigger effect on their causes.

Founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Salesforce currently has its headquarters at San Francisco.

Nonprofit Software Quickbooks
As described by their tagline: ‘let us help you account for it all’, QuickBooks is an accounting software that has become wildly popular in the Nonprofit circles. QuickBooks allows users to sort out expenses according to funds, programs, and relevant data. Detailed budget tracking is yet another advantage that QuickBooks is known for. While QuickBooks cannot stand alone as a Nonprofit CRM software, it pairs excellently as an integration. It is therefore vital that whichever Nonprofit CRM software you pick, QuickBooks integration is readily available.

NetSuite Social Impact
NetSuite Impact has collaborated with multiple Nonprofits to provide cloud technology donation services, product discounts, pro bono services, and capacity-building workshops. Their extensive work in the industry has built a foolproof product that aids in the growth of many Nonprofits. Their products range from accounting software to organizational ERP.

Network For Good
A cloud-based tool for fundraising specifically for Nonprofits is called Network for Good. It provides complete management solutions for fundraising efforts, donor connections, and donations. Nonprofits have the ability to safely process donations, monitor past donations, and issue tax receipts. The platform facilitates a range of fundraising initiatives, including peer-to-peer fundraising, events, and online contributions. It offers email marketing and donor engagement communication tools. To learn more about the effectiveness of fundraising efforts and donor behavior, Network for Good also provides statistics and analytics. 

While there are many options to consider for a good Nonprofit CRM software, prioritizing the unique needs of your Nonprofit will help you make the right decision. Find out the real cost of a Nonprofit software

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