15 best Peer-to-Peer fundraising software for Nonprofits

15 best Peer-to-Peer fundraising software for Nonprofits

15 best Peer-to-Peer fundraising software for Nonprofits / By Mike Crum 

Regardless of what you call it, peer-to-peer fundraising is here to stay. Also known as social fundraising, and DIY fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising allows supporters of Nonprofits to tap into their personal networks to raise money for Nonprofits. This method of fundraising can help your Nonprofit save time, and optimize its operations. 

With the numerous options available, it might be challenging to pick the right peer-to-peer fundraising software for your peer-to-peer fundraising needs. This blog is a comprehensive list of all the competent peer-to-peer fundraising software options available in the market. We will discuss pros, cons and suitability for every software. We will also include a concise pricing review, and the most prominent features. 

To begin with, let’s understand the most common pricing policies used by many best peer-to-peer fundraising software platforms. We will mainly discuss two different approaches, platform fees and processing fees. Understanding these terms might help you make an informed decision regarding the software you choose for your Nonprofit. 

Platform fee: This is a price that will be charged for you to use the fundraising tool. 

Processing fees: This is a standard fee that will be charged when a stakeholder uses their credit card to donate an amount to a live campaign. 

We understand that Nonprofits run on tight budgets with scarce resources. Keeping this in mind, this blog explores many free peer-to-peer fundraising software options that your Nonprofit could benefit from.

With Affnetz Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, your Nonprofit can easily create campaigns. Volunteer fundraisers then access an extremely user-friendly interface to create teams and/or run their personal pages or campaigns. Volunteers can manage their campaigns and receive updates when donations are made. They can also customize their campaign’s display on their personal giving page. They have an array of options that they can choose (or leave turned off), such as sharing a personal story of their involvement in your Nonprofit, suggesting an “ask string” of suggested donation amounts, sharing photos, showing a personal fundraising goal, sharing progress toward reaching that goal, listing names of donors, and other options. 

Affnetz Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is integrated with Affnetz Website Management, so all your peer-to-peer campaigns seamlessly appear on your website. This also increases potential donors’ trust in your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, as they will see your URL as the URL for these fundraising pages instead of only your Nonprofit’s name appearing in the URL. 

Affnetz Peer-to-Peer Fundraising shows the umbrella campaign associated with each peer-to-peer campaign. It also features a list of all fundraising volunteers involved in each campaign and a list of peer-to-peer team members and individual fundraisers. 

As donations roll in, all donor information and gift amounts are captured in Affnetz Donnor Management and Engagement. This eliminates the need to do double data entry for this information, and Affnetz integration with QuickBooks reduces even more double data entry. 

You can monitor your online peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and activity via your Affnetz Dashboard. Your team will have access to at-a-glance information that will help you promote the campaign and help individuals and teams raise more money.

You can use Affnetz Email Marketing to thank and provide immediate tax receipts to all donors automatically. As first-time donors often make up a large number of gifts raised in online peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, you can also easily set up an automated Welcome First-Time Donor program with immediate emails, followed by additional automated emails at various intervals. 

The donation page for all Affnetz Peer-to-Peer Fundraising campaigns provides donors with the opportunity to easily share their recent donation to your Nonprofit with others via over 30 social media channels. This incredible exposure helps promote your Nonprofit and the peer-to-peer campaign to a much larger audience. 

Affnetz Peer-to-Peer Fundraising features a comprehensive event console that allows you to easily create and manage multiple campaigns via online and mobile responsive pages. And you won’t need to spend hours watching training videos to use it effectively – it’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.  

Here’s a step by step process of creating your own peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with Affnetz.

Step 1: Enter the Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaign name. Pick a name that is unique, appropriate, and preferably catchy.

Step 2: Add Images to your campaign. Make sure that your images capture the essence of your campaign. High resolution pictures are a bonus!

Step 3: Enter a campaign description and tagline. Try to keep your messaging consistent and concise.

Step 4: Decide on a campaign type based on your Nonprofit. Indicate if the campaign is recurring or one-time

Step 5: Set a fundraising goal for the campaign. Whatever amount you pick, don’t let it discourage you from doing your best!

Step 6: Select the start and end dates for your campaign.

And that’s it! It really is that simple with Affnetz. 

Affnetz is free for Small Nonprofits under 250 K revenue/year and there’s a free trial for medium to large Nonprofits.

Also, Affnetz Peer-to-Peer is a standard offering when you subscribe to Affnetz – you won’t pay an extra platform fee


GiveGame is a unique fundraising platform that looks to entertain its users. The platform creates a game out of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Users can loop in their friends and family to participate. This platform works best with Nonprofits that have a family-filled stakeholder group. 

Pricing: GiveGame charges a 10% platform and processing fee for all your campaigns.

GoFundMe CharityOne of the most well-known and reliable platforms for crowdsourcing and peer-to-peer fundraising is GoFundMe. Supporters can launch and manage their own fundraisers on GoFundMe without requiring assistance from your Nonprofit. If your campaign needs to be started immediately, GoFundMe might be a reasonably quick option.

Pricing: The platform charges a processing fee of 2.2% and $0.30 deducted from every donation.

KindfulKindful has an integrated, and user-friendly peer-to-peer fundraising platform that many Nonprofits swear by. This platform allows its users to customize their pages and share on social media seamlessly. If your Nonprofit is using bloomerang’s donor management system, Kindly might be a great option for you to consider. 

Pricing: The Kindly platform is free for users with a Bloomerang subscription.

BonfireBonfire is mainly a platform meant to sell merchandise. Users can upload and promote their branded T-shirts as part of their campaigns. Bonfire also allows users to create basic peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. This software works best for Nonprofits looking to raise donations through merchandise. 

Pricing: Bonfire charges a 3.5% processing fee. However, there are no platform costs incurred to Nonprofits.

QgivQgiv’s peer-to-peer platform is unique in its offerings. The software allows for team fundraising along with gamification of campaigns. Users can also customize an online store to sell merchandise and track orders. This platform works for Nonprofits that wish to integrate with facebook.


Donorbox makes it simple for Nonprofits to start peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Simply put, Nonprofits launch a campaign, allow supporters to set up their own fundraising pages, and urge those supporters to share their pages with family and friends. Donorbox is a good option for Nonprofits on a time and budget crunch. 

Pricing: Donorbox charges a 1.5% platform and processing fee.


Classy can be your go-to tool for personalized fundraising. The software is efficient, user-friendly, and supports stakeholder engagement. Classy has many advanced features that work best for Nonprofits with resources to invest. 

Pricing: Classy’s team must be contacted for pricing information

HandbidHandbid mainly specializes in software for auctions. Their platform also offers peer-to-peer software and crowdfunding facilities. Handbid had leaderboard displays that encourage healthy competition, and keep the campaign interesting. The software also allows team fundraising. Handbid works best for Nonprofits seeking an integrated solution with multiple uses. 

Pricing: Handbid is priced at $792 per year.

CausevoxCauseVox is yet another peer-to-peer software that works efficiently to provide timely reports. It boasts user-friendly admin control along with quick automation. CauseVox is a good option for Nonprofits that are still growing and looking for a simple solution. 

Pricing: The limited features plan comes at no cost with the exception of processing fees. For more features, you can consider a paid subscription plan.

DonatelyWithout the need for developers or coding knowledge, Donately makes it simple for Nonprofits to personalize their online donation pages. Users can construct fundraising pages that emphasize their unique connections to a cause using Donately’s peer-to-peer features. Donately is a good option for Nonprofits on a tight budget.

Pricing: Donately charges a 4% platform fee with a zero-cost subscription model


The most widely used social media network in the world, Facebook’s fundraising features have developed into quite powerful tools for online fundraising. Anyone may launch a Facebook fundraising campaign to help your business and generate cash on your behalf. Facebook works best for Nonprofits looking at a wide target audience. 

Pricing: The fundraising tool is available for all facebook users

OnecauseOneCause is known for its online and event-based fundraising. The platform allows multiple campaign types that cater to the needs of different Nonprofits. If your Nonprofit is looking to raise awareness and donor acquisition, OneCause might be the perfect software for you. 

Pricing: The team must be contacted for pricing details.

FundraiseupA turnkey peer-to-peer fundraising tool platform called Fundraise Up enables users to quickly build their own fundraising pages. If your Nonprofit is looking for a wide range of tools to implement with its campaigns, this might just be the software for you. 

Pricing: Fundraise Up charges a 4% processing fee.


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