Nine Ways to Greater Efficiency at Your Association or Chamber

Nine Ways to Greater Efficiency at Your Association or Chamber Your staff is multi-tasking, so it’s difficult to maintain efficiency. With its seamlessly integrated modules, affnetz boosts efficiency so the staff can get more done with less aggravation.

Affnetz will help your Association or Chamber will gain efficiency by:

The affnetz Intranet and Project Management module provides a collaboration platform that your members or employees can use as a knowledge base, share files, and coordinate activities.

Integration with the affnetz member database/CRM system allows smooth dues processing and timely issuance of dues reminders.

Integration with the affnetz Event Management System provides fast and easy Event creation, onsite management, and payment processing – 100% automated.

Revenue from sponsors is optimized with increased communication and payment processing to collaborate with these critical stakeholders more closely.

Marketing automation – easily manage marketing programs, including email campaigns with tracking.

Interfaces with Intuit QuickBooks® to log all payments and refunds, including promotion or sponsor code integration.

Event attendees are added to the database when they register, allowing their names to be used for new member recruiting campaigns.

The affnetz Member Database/CRM system offers a survey and feedback feature that makes it easy to create and deploy surveys and other feedback processes.

Affnetz provides a robust, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) to keep your website updated with the most current information. Internal staff can learn to use the CMS, so your cost for outside resources is reduced or eliminated.

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