Virtual Meetings: Depend on Affnetz for Virtual Meeting Success

Virtual Meetings: Depend on Affnetz for Virtual Meeting Success

Virtual Meetings: Depend on Affnetz for Virtual Meeting Success

Virtual meetings have become the norm for Associations and Chambers of Commerce in the age of COVID. Prior to the pandemic, most Associations counted virtual meetings as a secondary way for members to interact with the organization. Now, 100% virtual interaction is not unusual.

This has negatively impacted Associations and Chambers in several ways:

Member engagement – As social creatures, humans thrive on in-person interaction. Going 100% on virtual meetings may be a necessity but lack of face-to-face contact may cause the members not to feel as strong of a connection to the organization and other members as they did pre-pandemic.

Networking –Lack of physical presence can make networking a little bit harder. Tools like LinkedIn can be helpful, but an organization-specific virtual mechanism would have the best chance of keeping the networking energy humming.

Revenues down – COVID-19 restrictions are hurting Associations and Nonprofits. In many cases, organizations are not charging members for online events like monthly meetings. Also, for larger events like conferences, organizations are not charging the same as they did for the traditional in-person events.

Affnetz Brings Out the Best in Virtual Meetings

With its fully-integrated platform, Affnetz can help your Association or Chamber maximize the potential of virtual meetings.

Event Management – Affnetz Event Management Software features a comprehensive event console that allows you to easily create and manage multiple virtual events via online and mobile responsive pages. It makes virtual meetings a snap. You can create/manage Zoom/or WebEx meetings directly from Affnetz.

Feedback and Surveys – Feedback from event attendees supports better decision making by Associations and Chambers as they strive to apply continuous improvement principles to virtual meetings.

Affinity Networking – A member’s Affinity Network may comprise only 20% or less of their total network but could account for 80% or more of network value. Affnetz helps build and strengthen this network segment by allowing deeper connections within a robust network database. It features detailed notes capability, member-to-member messaging.

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