Better Association Event Management: Three Key Factors

Achieving better Association event management is an ongoing goal for most organizations This is because events represent a significant portion of non-dues revenue for many Associations.

A successful event process must focus on some key factors.

Maximize Attendance

Filling the seats is a major objective in the drive toward better Association event management. Target revenue goals may not be met without a full house. Maximizing attendance means sending compelling invitations to potential attendees. Four ways to reach them are:

Social Media – Better Association event management means raising greater awareness via social media, especially for tech-savvy, younger members. Developing expertise within the organization for promotion via this channel will pay big dividends.

Email – These days, email suffers from a perception of obsolescence. Yet, rumors of its death are exaggerated. Professional audiences still rely on email as a crucial communication medium in their careers.

Regular mail – While digital channels dominate communication practice these days, good old-fashioned paper should not be ignored. A well-executed snail mail component can contribute admirably to the overall communication effort.

Members’ networks – Don’t forget to recruit your existing members as event promoters. For example, they can amplify social media posts to their networks to extend the organization’s communication reach.

Provide a Quality Experience for Attendees

Think of an event as a product that needs to satisfy customer needs. Satisfied customers will buy again and speak highly of the product brand to others. Planning and executing a compelling event does not only demand creativity from your team; all these efforts must be efficient to be effective. Better Association Event Management means providing better tools to support communication, collaboration and onsite efficiency in the drive to create a winning event.

Gather Feedback After Events

Event Management for Associations thrives on continuous improvement. Attendee feedback about all aspects of an event is crucial. This includes feedback about:



Onsite experience

Post-event information and activity

Gathering feedback and turning it into actionable information will provide invaluable insights into how to stage future events.

Executing well on these three key factors of better Association Event Management will result in improved events that will in turn increase revenue and boost the Association’s brand. 

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