Nonprofit Sponsor Management: A Two-Way Street

Nonprofit Sponsor Management may be missing the mark if Nonprofit leaders view it as a one-way street. On that one-way street, the Nonprofit thinks it is the only partner benefiting from the relationship. 

To be sure, Nonprofits seek out Sponsorships to raise money, receive product or in-kind donations, and recruit volunteers. Another benefit is association with a strong Sponsor brand can raise the Nonprofit’s brand recognition in the market. 

Yet, it is a two-way street. While there may be a perception that some Sponsors are 100% altruistic, it’s rarely the case. Realistic Nonprofit Sponsor Management recognizes that Sponsors carefully consider the benefits that accrue to their organizations and brands. They also expect benefits from the relationship.

The benefits received by Sponsorship of a Nonprofit’s activities, events and programs could include:

The sponsor gains positive market recognition by association with a strong Nonprofit brand which can increase sales.

A Sponsor’s corporate reputation is elevated in the public’s view.

Employees of the Sponsor feel increased job satisfaction when their employer sponsors causes they support.

Four Ways Affnetz™ Supports Nonprofit Sponsor Management

Affnetz™ Nonprofit Sponsor Management functionality provides solid support in a Nonprofit’s effort to optimize Sponsor Management.

The Affnetz™ Stakeholders Database/CRM system provides the ability to track all information about your Nonprofit’s sponsors. The CRM system includes a blast email function that would allow campaigns to be targeted at the Sponsor’s employees to solicit donations and recruit volunteers.

The Affnetz™ Survey and Feedback solution allows consistent measurement of sponsor satisfaction to improve sponsor relationships. Sponsors also want to know feedback from activities, events and programs to know the impact of their sponsorship on the Nonprofit.

The Affnetz™ Content Management System allows you great flexibility in posting sponsor ads on your website, inside the Stakeholders database, events, event pages, etc.

The Affnetz™ Volunteer Management module helps to engage and organize Volunteers who work for a Sponsor. The Volunteers report back to the Sponsor their opinions about the Nonprofit’s ability to effectively leverage volunteer resources.

To learn more check out the Affnetz™ website at or feel free to connect with us at [email protected]

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