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Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database

Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database

The lifeblood of any organization, the Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database, is housed within a full-featured Customer Relation Management (CRM) system to help you keep detailed tabs on the health of your stakeholder base. The Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database allows the organization to have a complete view of actions that build and sustain the health of the Stakeholder base.


Without a clear picture of Stakeholders, Nonprofits and Member-based Associations flounder. For nonprofits, Donors are the focal point.  To understand donors, all the right information must be captured. The Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database allows you to easily store the necessary data for each donor. Using the patent-pending Private Digital Clip Notes™, the Nonprofit staff can make customized notes that prevent important bits of information from falling through the cracks. 


For Associations, Members take center stage. Effective recruiting and retention start by capturing all essential data about Members and prospective Members within the Member Database software. Association events often serve as fertile recruiting grounds. Information about non-Member attendees can be added to the Stakeholder Database for follow-up invitations to join.

The Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database can be subdivided by Stakeholder types such as Donors, Members, Board Members, Volunteers, Staff, and Beneficiaries. Customers can customize the configuration of the database to fit their unique requirements.

The Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database works as the information hub for multiple Affnetz™ functions such as

The seamless integration between the Stakeholder Database and these functions (plus many more)  sets Affnetz™ apart from other Nonprofit and Member-Based Management software.



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  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations