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Affnetz™ Project Management Software

Affnetz™ Project Management Software

Collaboration is the key to achieving organizational goals. Affnetz™ Project Management Software allows individuals to work together on critical projects and other initiatives. It also can serve as an Intranet for the organization.

Project Management

With annual budgets that never seem like enough and staff members working long hours to fulfill the mission, high productivity is a necessity. This takes on particular urgency for projects. Projects, whether events, fundraising campaigns or other initiatives are a crucial part of the organization’s operations.


The Affnetz™ Project Management Software provides a collaboration platform that your staff, Board of Directors or volunteers can use as a way to coordinate activities on essential initiatives. Because it is integrated with the Affnetz™ Task Management function, project tasks can be executed with full-visibility to the leadership team.


The Affnetz™ Project Management Software supports:
Assigning a project task to any person listed in the Stakeholder Database. This means, depending on your organization, Donors, Members, Board Members, Staff, Volunteers or even Beneficiaries. Affnetz™ can be configured to allow any of these entities to be present in the Stakeholder Database and be granted (or not) task management permissions.


Establishing a start and end date and a current status for every project task. They can also be categorized by type or linked to a particular Stakeholder.


Updating project tasks and communicate status as work progresses. Administrators can see across the complete set of all tasks to keep tabs on organizational progress.


The Affnetz™ Project Management Software also serves as an Intranet for your organization. An Intranet supports intra-organizational collaboration that is far superior to simply using e-mail and storing files on shared drives.

This function features:

• File sharing and attaching files to specific projects, committees or events
• Comprehensive search function for fast retrieval of needed information
• Repository for organizational knowledge – policies, procedures, processes
• Central source for all brand and marketing standards, organizational policies and human resources forms


Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations