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Affnetz™ Member Engagement Software

Affnetz™ Member Engagement Software

Accelerate Stakeholder and Member engagement with Affnetz™ Member Engagement Software. Enable your users to build and leverage close professional relationships with other members, employees and event attendees by using the Member/Stakeholder database and messaging capabilities that drive networking and constant communication.

Affinity Networking

For Member-based Associations, engaged members lead to a thriving organization. A key benefit that drives engagement: NETWORKING. Affnetz™ takes this to the next level: AFFINITY NETWORKING.

Affnetz™ Member Engagement Software pioneered the concept of Affinity Networking. Your Affinity Network constitutes your network with a network; a network of your closest allies. They may comprise only 20% or less of your total network but could account for 80% or more of network value.

Affnetz™ Member Engagement Software helps to build and strengthen this segment of your network by allowing deeper connections within a robust network database. Augmented by our patent-pending Private Digital Clip Notes™, building and sustaining your Affinity Network is simple yet powerful.

Connected members serve as a fundamental strength for your organization. Members who view the organization as a nexus of their professional and social network value their membership more. This leads to increased membership renewals and optimal revenue flows. The Affnetz™ Member Engagement Software is the hub where your members can interact and build their Affinity Networks.

Constant Communication

Engagement can only occur if there is ongoing between Stakeholders and the organization. Affnetz™ offers multiple ways to do this.

Intra-Organization Messaging – Like a private social media platform, Members can create and share posts, comment on posts, and attach images.

E-Mail Marketing – provides an integrated e-mail marketing function that makes e-mail campaigns to members easy to execute.

Surveys and Feedback – Members can express their opinions back to the organization. The Affnetz™ Surveys and Feedback function empowers the organization to deploy surveys, harvest the feedback and analyze the result to support improved Member experience efforts.

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  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations