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While all donors are important, Nonprofits benefit strongly by cultivating Major Donors. These contributors not only bring in large amounts of money but their affiliation with the Nonprofit is a vote of confidence that raises the visibility and credibility of the Nonprofit’s brand. 


Major Donors need to be handled differently from normal donors. Affnetz® supports all the process steps needed to convert a Major Donor from a prospect to a committed, long-term benefactor. 


The first step in successfully managing Major Nonprofit Donors is to find them in the first place. One way to find major donors is to leverage the Nonprofit’s existing networks. This can be accomplished by recruiting Board Members and current Major Donors to reach out to their networks. These ambassadors of the Nonprofit should be given clear direction on the type of people targeted and how best to approach them. The Affnetz™ Board Management and other Stakeholder Management modules provide robust tools to support this effort.

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Step two is to cultivate the potential donor. This is the time when trust is built between the potential donor and the Nonprofit. The prospect may be invited to speak at an event, consult on important Nonprofit issues or participate in projects directly bearing on the Nonprofit’s mission.


Once sufficient trust has been built, then the Nonprofit can ask for a donation. Since trust has been created, the request is more likely to be successful. Even if the request is turned down, the trust-building actions need to continue. Ongoing engagement of high net worth individuals can heighten the Nonprofit’s good name in the community.

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Once a donation has been received, the work to maintain a long-term relationship continues. This is an ongoing phase that aims to keep the trust level of Major Donors high over the longest possible time period.


Affnetz™  tracks the potential donor from one step to the next. In addition, it features a full-featured reporting capability to allow Nonprofit leaders easy see the status and predicted outcomes of the process.

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