What is Community-Centric Fundraising?

What is Community-Centric Fundraising? / By Mike Crum 


In the world of nonprofit organizations, fundraising is the base that enables these organizations to carry out their missions. However, the reach of traditional fundraising has been evolving, and one concept that has gained powerful attention is “Community-Centric Fundraising.” In this blog post, we’ll delve into what community-centric fundraising is, why it matters, and how it transforms the way nonprofits engage with their supporters.

What is Community-Centric Fundraising?

Community-centric fundraising is an approach to prioritize the community’s needs, preferences, and involvement in the fundraising process. Unlike traditional methods that often focus on approaching donations primarily for the organization’s benefit, community-centric fundraising places the community at the center of the decision-making process.

Key Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising:

Listening and Engagement: Community-centric fundraising starts with active listening. Nonprofits seek input and feedback from the community that they serve to understand their needs and concerns.

Transparency: Transparency is crucial. Nonprofits openly communicate how funds will be used and the impact they aim to achieve.

Inclusivity: This approach strives to involve a diverse range of voices, ensuring that all community members have a say in fundraising decisions.

Relationship Building: Building and nurturing relationships with supporters is the key. Instead of treating donors as one-time transactors, nonprofits aim for long-term, mutually beneficial connections.

Shared Decision-Making: Community members play an active role in determining fundraising strategies and goals.

Why Community-Centric Fundraising Matters

Community-centric fundraising is essential for several reasons:

– It builds trust and credibility within the community.

– It results in funding sources that are both sustainable and reliable over time.

– It aligns fundraising efforts with community needs and values.

– It nurtures a sense of responsibility and empowerment among its advocates.

How to Implement Community-Centric Fundraising:

Implementing community-centric fundraising requires a shift in mindset and approach:

Engage the Community: Actively seek input and feedback through surveys, town halls, and community meetings.

Share Impact Stories: Communicate the real-world impact of donations to inspire giving.

Collaborate: Partnership with local organizations and community leaders to amplify your fundraising efforts.

Encourage Volunteerism: Ensure 30-40% of Volunteers are from that community itself.

Be Transparent: Clearly communicate how funds are used and the progress towards achieving your mission.


Community-centric fundraising is more than a trend; it’s a fundamental shift in how nonprofit organizations interact with their communities. By putting the community at the heart of fundraising efforts, nonprofits can not only secure the financial support they need but also can create meaningful, lasting connections that drive positive change.

As you explore new fundraising strategies for your nonprofit, remember that community-centric fundraising has the potential to empower your community while bolstering your organization’s impact.


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