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Event Management Software from Affnetz™

Event Management Software from Affnetz™

Producing events is an important way for organizations to promote their missions. Essential steps for event success are:

  • Establish crystal-clear goals for what the event must accomplish and secure buy-in from all Stakeholders
  • Leverage events to boost recruitment of new Members (Associations) or Donors (Nonprofits)
  • Focus on a quality attendee experience by through planning and high-impact programming
  • Enable flexible and easy-to-access feedback mechanisms to measure actual to goal attainment



Events with Affnetz™ Event Management Software

Creating and managing successful events takes significant effort. Affnetz™ Event Management Software features a comprehensive event console that allows you to easily create and manage multiple events via online and mobile responsive pages.

Creating Events

  • Create events and assign event managers
  • Create attendee and attendee company profiles
  • Support event promotion with integrated Affnetz™ Stakeholder Database and Marketing E-Mail functions
  • Guide Event Managers on promotions to ensure productivity and profitability
  • To Do Tasks and checklists for Event Managers
  • Affnetz™ Event Management Software allows you to create ads under events
  • Set up and manage sponsors including assignment of various sponsorship levels
  • Built-in Zoom and WebEx integration to support virtual meetings

Managing Events

  • Event promotion on social media to over 50 social media platforms
  • Seamless registration and payment processes via Stripe (credit cards) and PayPal
  • QuickBooks® integration for payment and event tracking
  • Event dashboard provides analytics on registrations
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple events through intuitive dashboards
  • Manage online and mobile ads as well as other promotional channels
  • Facilitate onsite check-in and registration with name badge printing with digital logo
  • Track badges and member/attendee status
  • Robust event reporting event attendance by sponsor
  • Maximize event promotion by posting event to over 50 social media sites with just a few keystrokes.


  • Create/customize surveys, polls or other feedback channels to discover ways to improve future events
  • Comprehensive post-event reporting using Affnetz™ Tᶾ (Trends Triggering Thoughtful Action™)
  • Mine event registration data to drive future recruitment campaigns

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations