Fundraising Campaign Management

Automating and integrating your critical organizational processes -
A to Z

Why affnetz™?

Effective fundraising demands attention to all the detail. Affnetz™ provides you with the tools to design, launch and manage your campaigns with ease.

  • Add a logo or other image to the campaign page
  • Include a tagline for campaign promotion
  • Designate a campaign as private to limit participation to a select group
  • Enable a Recurring Fund to allow ongoing giving
  • Associate a sub-campaign under a larger, umbrella campaign
  • Lists Target Amount, Amount Raised and Total Number of Donors
  • Associate sponsor companies with a campaign
  • Lists campaign contact person
  • Can attach files and specify links for more information
  • Campaign donation records automatically update the organization’s accounting system

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline your operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations