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Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas, Stories are the Currency of Fundraising

A generous donor recently told me the one thing he’s found most helpful in his peer-to-peer fundraising work is having a story to tell.

Indeed, stories are the currency of fundraising – well, the non-financial currency anyway.


Affnetz With stories, fundraising volunteers have a way to bring the organization to life, and a deeper way to engage the person s/he is talking with about the organization.  Stories help volunteers share their personal reasons for being involved with an organization, or illustrate the value a program had on a family or community in a way that helps the listener picture and ‘feel’ the value of the organization’s programs.


Nonprofit fundraising Ideas

Plus, it’s easier to share a story than use valuable meeting time to spout off statistics or budget data. It’s also better to share a story and engage with a prospect than hiding behind a glossy proposal or other organizational prop. With Affnetz’s Work Groups module, your Fundraising Committee can capture and share their stories with each other via the “Files” section so others can benefit and possibly use the stories in their fundraising efforts. 


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