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Managing Association Tasks Better

Association leaders are always looking for ways for managing Association tasks better. Considering that volunteers take on many of the tasks of the organization, it is imperative to provide tools to help them get the job done.


Task Management Via Email 


A common way to manage tasks is via email. The person assigning the task sends an email with the task to the designated “doer”. Then, email is used to follow up. The problem with this method is there is no central place for all tasks to be seen. It would be difficult to tell if the person assigned to the task was overloaded or not. It would also be hard to compare task deadlines. If too many tasks were scheduled to be done the same day, the capacity of the doers could be outstripped.


A Better Way for Task Management


A more rational way to manage Association tasks better is through a centralized system that collects all tasks in the organization. Information needed for creating each task would be:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Status
  • Assigned to
  • Task category
  • Start date and time
  • Expected finish date and time


Other task information related to the task might be:

  • Is the task private or can it be seen by others in the organization?
  • On what organizational calendars is the task shown?
  • Can files and links be attached to the task?


To facilitate oversight, the status of tasks can be summarized in a dashboard. Depending on the span of authority, all tasks for which a leader is responsible are rolled up into the dashboard. 


With such a system in place, Association leaders can have a full view of all tasks and progress toward completion. Those assigned tasks benefit from having a more rational way to have tasks presented and tracked. When all tasks assigned to a person are in one place, it becomes less likely a given task will “fall through the cracks.” This will put the organization in a good position for effectively managing Association tasks better.


Rather than just investing in IT tools and resources, consider investing in Software Experts that work directly with you in effectively deploying tools to achieve your Mission.


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