How Can Our Association or Chamber Afford the Affnetz Platform on a Tight Budget?

How Can Our Association or Chamber Afford the affnetz Platform on a Tight Budget?

The affnetz team has spent decades in the industry, and we understand budget issues.

Consider these points:

Affnetz replaces multiple, standalone software applications you are already paying for. The integrated affnetz SaaS platform delivers countless operational efficiencies.

Affnetz can enhance revenue in multiple ways, which, combined with process efficiencies, could turn some cost centers into profit centers with at least 11 different ways to generate new revenue using the Platform.

QuickBooksⓇ integration, badge printing, Survey & Feedback and Committee management are all done manually today. All these tasks are automated thus saving hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

Access Affnetz on your mobile device to help you generate new revenue in addition to the Web platform.

In the first year alone, earn revenue from the product to pay for itself plus have dollars left over for you to invest in your organization’s projects.

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