Association Membership ROI: Affnetz Promotes Member Retention

Association Membership ROI: Affnetz Promotes Member Retention

Association membership ROI. It’s the calculation every member computes when considering the value of association membership. The fundamental questions are:

“How much am I getting out of my membership?”

“Is it worth the cost both in terms of money and time?”

Members joined the organization because they expected to receive value equal to or over the cost. That’s Association membership ROI, plain and simple.

Among the reasons for joining are:

✔ Associate sponsor companies with a campaign

Enhancing knowledge

Belief in the Association’s mission

If the Association fails to deliver on any of these, members could start to question their commitment and may not renew.

Even if members remain loyal, many rely on an employer to reimburse them for association dues. The employer, therefore, needs to be convinced of Association membership ROI. The member/employee needs to provide evidence that membership ultimately benefits the employer. An Association that cannot provide such proof risks missing retention goals.

Association Membership ROI: How Affnetz Can Help

How Can  Affnetz help Members prove ROI for joining or renewing their membership?

The Affnetz SaaS platform provides multiple benefits members can cite as proof of a positive Association membership ROI and increased opportunity to promote the member and her/his organization.

Enhanced networking – Networking opportunities increase when Members use the messaging capability built into Affnetz, sharing quick updates about their organization, their specialized area of work, and community engagement connects them more deeply with other members

Better social media exposure – Affnetz allows members to post Association-related content to 50+ social media sites with the click of a button.

Improved Information Flow – Affnetz features a comprehensive Customer Relation Management (CRM) system with a blast email capability that makes communicating with members easy.

Better Events – Association Events provide networking and education opportunities for Members and can contribute to increased Association membership ROI. Affnetz helps streamline event management so Associations can focus on event quality to deliver the best member experience.

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