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Nonprofit decision-makers often suffer from the malady of “lots of data, little reporting”. Most Donor Management Software offers a limited number of canned reports. Additional reports must be custom-built by the vendor at extra cost. 

Affnetz™ Tᶾ Reporting (Trends Triggering Thoughtful Actions™) allows organizations to configure and save their own reports with an easy-to-use interface. It’s a great way to get the right information at the right time to will help organizations make better decisions to reach their goals.

Single Source of the Truth Delivered by Affnetz™ Integration

When separate reports fail to “tie out” as expected, Leaders do not know which version to trust. This can be caused by tapping information from various software programs that use different internal rules to process data. The resulting “data silos” force the organization to devise cumbersome methods to match up data. Affnetz™ eliminates this problem with built-in integration across the platform to ensure a single source of truth.


Flexible Reporting Structure

Many Nonprofits and Associations use software that is limited to “canned” reports. Such reports are notoriously difficult to change if such modifications are even possible. If changes are not possible, another common option is exporting data to a file and uploading it into Excel or similar tools. This allows the Nonprofit greater flexibility in reporting. However, the maintenance of such reports is both time-consuming and error-prone.

Affnetz™ Tᶾ Reporting provides reporting flexibility by allowing users to employ multiple filters to configure reports to their specifications.

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