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Steve Snyder – Chair – Advisory Board

Steve has deep experience in several critical roles, such as general management, business development, strategy, marketing, and sales. He currently serves as President and CEO of Whitehall Specialties, Inc,  in Whitehall, WI.

The community of nonprofits and associations has played a large role in Steve’s life – working with various nonprofit and for-profit organizations, small and large.

Whether serving the community as the Chairman of the Board of the largest Medical and Life Sciences Alley in the world (https://medicalalley.org/) in an official capacity or as a member of largest nutritional ingredients associations in the United States, or as a buyer of multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions, Steve believes Affnetz™ work in the community provides many ways to empower good in the world.

Steve received his MBA from The Harvard Business School and lives in the Twin Cities area in MN.

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