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Sponsor Management Software

Sponsor management is an often-overlooked process for Nonprofits and Associations. Yet, enhancing relationships using Sponsor Management software with these critical Stakeholders cannot be ignored for several reasons.

Sponsors represent an important revenue stream

A company, by definition, pays to be a sponsor. The amount paid depends on the strength of the Nonprofit or Association’s brand.

Sponsors  lend credibility to the organization

Some of a sponsor’s brand strength rubs off on the Nonprofit or Association because sponsorship implies support of the organization’s mission. This is a two-way street. A sponsoring company’s brand can be enhanced by being perceived as supporting a worthy cause. Sponsor management processes work to solidify this mutually beneficial relationship.

Sponsors contribute to successful events

Events stand as critical revenue and brand recognition opportunities for Nonprofits or Associations. Sponsors with strong brands raise the stature of an event, thereby leading to increased attendance. Sponsor monetary support can allow for higher quality event features such as speakers, food and venue.

Sponsors attract new Members, Donors and Volunteers

Corporate sponsors raise awareness of the Nonprofit or Association, which can attract new Members or Donors. Sponsors may also encourage their employees to be volunteers. High-level executives may even volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors. Sponsor management software can help encourage these interactions.

Sponsors contribute advice and counsel to the organization

Corporate sponsors employ experts in various fields who could contribute to the Nonprofit or Association’s success. For example, finance and accounting experts from a Sponsor’s company could help improve financial processes.

Sponsor management software from Affnetz™

Sponsor management software from Affnetz™ provides a dynamic workflow and interactive collaboration tool to support Sponsor relationships. Sponsors can quickly assess positive ROI from working with your organization.

Sponsors are key stakeholders who must be carefully nurtured. Affnetz™ Sponsor management functionality allows organizations and their sponsors to interact for mutual benefit.

Affnetz™ Sponsor Management Software Features:

  • Provides Sponsorship Management workflow
  • Tools for both sponsors and organization to manage sponsorships
  • The tool displays different sizes of pictures for different level sponsorships
  • Sponsor Investment ROI viewing is easier now than ever – for both client and Sponsor

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations