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Small-to-Medium Sized Business Management Software: 


Why affnetz™?


For your SMB, the organization’s mission of service remains Job #1. However, engaged employees loom large as a necessity in achieving the mission. Making both happen requires successful execution of numerous background tasks and processes.

The situation required high-level productivity to get everything done. In response, leadership typically implements various software solutions. Consequently, the organization accumulates a confusing grab bag of technology; productivity continues to lag.

SMB Management Software by affnetz™ delivers relief for this pain. With its patent-pending all-in-one platform, affnetz™ handles your key tasks and processes with ease.

Affnetz™ Advantages

Employee Management

BENEFIT – Manage your organization more effectively with complete visibility to all employees.

  • Improve employee engagement with better networking using the affnetz™ social media dashboard.
  • Members create, share and update posts. In addition, they may attach images and comment on other updates and posts.
  • Create an unlimited number of encrypted ClipNotes™ about people in the database. ClipNotes™ are exportable to a CSV file.
  • The database profiles can be further populated by importing up to 32 data fields from LinkedIn®.

Project Management

BENEFIT – Save money by increasing organizational efficiency in project management.

  • Easily create and manage projects with step-by-step tasks showing planned and actual achievement.
  • Create an unlimited number of encrypted ClipNotes™ about the project.
  • Share on project information by posting to project members or on up to 60 social media platforms.

Event Management

BENEFIT – Optimize event revenue while minimizing event cost with all-in-one, integrated event management.

  • Straightforward, step-by-step event creation.
  • Publicize events via integration with built-in blast e-mail functionality and database.
  • Process registrations and payments.
  • Payments and other financial data flow directly into the accounting system.
  • Seamless integration with feedback function for post-event surveys.
  • Print event attendee badges.

Committee Management

BENEFIT – Maximize effectiveness and accountability with Committee Management.

  • See a roster of the committee members.
  • Post messages to other committee members with the ability to attach files.
  • List of meetings with Zoom and WebEx integration.
  • Ability to upload files relating to committee work.


BENEFIT – Enhanced coordination across the organization.

  • Shared calendar shows all organizational events and other scheduled items.

Feedback & Surveys

BENEFIT – Gain invaluable feedback from stakeholders and event attendees.

  • Easily create surveys with up to 999 questions with Feedback Designer tool.
  • Question formats: Yes/No, Text or Ratings 1-5.
  • Built-in mailing integration – manually enter e-mail addresses or assign e-mail groups from the database.
  • Admin can send test e-mails to evaluate accuracy.
  • Admin sees real-time aggregate response as the survey progresses.


BENEFIT – Robust communication across the organization.

  • All messages to and from all users logged in this tab.
  • Users can send or respond to messages.

Reservation Management

BENEFIT – Increase attendee satisfaction with effective reservation coordination.

  • List of all past, present and future reservations for each event attendee.
  • Attendees can send or respond to messages.

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations