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Affnetz Donor Management and Engagement captures past and continued donations, as well as donor engagement activities. This enables your Nonprofit to fine-tune its fundraising approach, sustain and grow donations, and dramatically increase donor engagement and involvement with your Nonprofit.

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Affnetz Donor Management and Engagement software is equipped with tools that truly support donor engagement and retention. Intuitive in nature and integrated across modules, the Affnetz Donor Management & Engagement software is the perfect investment for any Nonprofit looking to retain and improve its donorbase. 

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Affnetz Integration for More Robust Donor Management & Engagement

Affnetz Task Management

Integration with Affnetz Task Management allows you to create and assign tasks to yourself, team members, board members, or fundraising volunteers. You can also assign tasks for various activities related to donor engagement and fundraising.  

Affnetz Dashboard

The Affnetz Dashboard is personalized to support your unique information needs. You can track key metrics (recent donations, new donors, board solicitations, month-over-month donations, open tasks, etc.) that keep you informed and help you make better decisions.

Affnetz Comprehensive Reporting

Integration with Affnetz Comprehensive Reporting provides canned and customized reporting to help drive better decision making. Nonprofits can build their own reports with an easy-to-use interface.

Affnetz Surveys and Feedback

Integration with Affnetz Surveys and Feedback allows you to capture donor feedback, and ensure you are addressing and acting on specific donor needs. 


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Donation management is the process of collecting, tracking, and organizing donations made to a Nonprofit. Effective donation management involves implementing systems and processes to ensure that donations are processed accurately, securely, and promptly. From an internal (inside the Nonprofit) perspective, this means reconciling donations with financial records, and providing regular reporting on donations. From an external (donor facing) perspective this involves acknowledging and thanking donors at a basic level.

Donor management helps Nonprofits ensure accurate records are kept, which helps identify trends and opportunities for growth, enabling them to make data-driven decisions about their fundraising strategies.

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Free Trial

Identification of new donors and developing strategies to engage these prospects are vital first steps of the fundraising cycle. You can generate new prospects from your board of directors, fundraising volunteers, staff, and other Nonprofit stakeholders. A great question to ask all your current donors is:  Who else should we be talking to? You’ll find that current donors are usually more than willing to help you identify prospects, and will often even help make introductions.

You can also conduct research of sister Nonprofits with similar missions in your geographic area to view their annual reports and lists of donors. You’re not ‘stealing’ a donor from that Nonprofit, you’re providing the donor with an opportunity to have even more impact with their philanthropy.

But, as always, keep in mind that it’s 6x easier to secure a gift from a donor who has already given to your Nonprofit. So, don’t over-focus on new prospects to the detriment of raising funds from your current donors.

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