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Startup Software Sales and Business Development – Nonprofits

Affnetz™ is a next-generation, integrated, plug & play SaaS solution specifically designed for nonprofits and associations to run most aspects of their day-to-day operations.  It eliminates the need and cost of multiple, generic stand-alone software packages;  staff no longer needs to become experts in such applications or spend their hours moving data between them. 


We are hiring a seasoned business development and salesperson who can build on our early wins and grow the customer base during this next phase of the business.  


They will personally close new anchor accounts while building a network of champions who will speak on behalf of the unique Affnetz™ mission. This role works day-to-day with the CEO and founder. 


The successful candidate brings the following experience: 

  • Has sold platforms or suites of solutions such as CRMs, ERPs, Workday, Zoho, Blackbaud, etc.
  • Successful career in selling to nonprofits and associations 
  • Comes with a Rolodex and networks in the nonprofit and associations world
  • Engages with the mission-first approach that is supportive of nonprofit agendas 
  • Preference for leaders in nonprofits or trade associations


Affnetz is looking for: 

  • Activity and metrics that drives sales
  • Set and achieve targets, close $825 K in sales in first four quarters


Applicants must resonate with the Affnetz culture: 

  • Mindful of service and volunteer culture of our customers 
  • Innovate, accelerate and close deals within 30-60 days 
  • Kind, respectful, humble, and honoring the team 
  • Results-oriented, self-motivating, sincere, honest, clear 
  • Under-promise, over-deliver 


The work ahead includes:

  • Find, engage, and win new customers 
  • Discover our go-to-market fit, “fail fast” and pivot regularly and quickly.  
  • Effectively navigate the prospects’ champions and blockers 
  • Attend specific conferences addressing operational issues of nonprofits 
  • Network with key operational decision makers and stakeholders
  • Support a smooth transition from sale to onboarding 
  • Learn the product and become a self-sufficient and compelling  demonstrator


Affnetz™ offers a competitive 6-figure incentive-based compensation package, commensurate for similar startup positions, including stock options. You are an early member of this team launching a disruptive new platform for a multi-trillion dollar market.  

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations