Nonprofit Stakeholder Collaboration Boosted with Affnetz™

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Nonprofit Stakeholder Collaboration Boosted with Affnetz™ 

Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration is an essential component for achieving the organization’s mission. Staff, volunteers and Board of Directors all need to pull together to achieve objectives.

However, collaboration inside the organization can be hampered if the tools supporting this effort are weak or nonexistent. Among the types of tools supporting collaboration are:


While e-mail shoulders the greatest communication load in organization, Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration benefits also from internal messaging. Often carried on in near-real time, messaging can handle short, immediate-need communications. Coupled with the ability to attach files, messaging bridges the gap between longer e-mail exchanges and voice phone calls.

Task Management

Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration frequently centers around getting tasks done. When multiple people are jointly responsible for a task or set of tasks, efficient communication and coordination is essential. That means providing a way for sharing all the necessary information about the task including who is involved, their task responsibilities, deadlines and progress status.

Project Management

Organizational projects like events and fundraising campaigns clearly benefit from effective Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration tools. The many moving parts of a project demand close coordination to ensure all responsible parties execute their assignments as specified and on time. This cannot happen unless there are tools to allow all parties to share complete information about the project and communicate effectively from start to finish.

Team/Committee Management

Organizations form teams or committees to get essential work done. Providing physical and virtual gathering places for these groups enhances their ability to achieve their assigned objectives. In the virtual version, an ability for the group to have a central storage place for documents and other files improves their coordination capability and efficiency. Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration success is achieved when these groups are set up for success.

How Affnetz™ Boosts Nonprofit Stakeholder Collaboration

First, the Affnetz™ enables your Stakeholders to collaborate with other Stakeholders via messaging built into the platform. Stakeholders can:

  • Create a Post
  • Share an Update
  • Comment on Existing Update/Post
  • Attach Images and other files


Second, Affnetz™ supports Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration with Affnetz™ Task Management, which automates the organization’s task management process in simple steps. Tasks can be:

  • Assigned to any person listed in the Stakeholder Database. 
  • Assigned a start and end date and a current status. They can also be categorized by type or linked to a particular Stakeholder.
  • Associated with a project, event or as a general task. 
  • Tracked by status as work progresses. 
  • Shared by default across a committee/team or a task can be tagged as private for a personal to-do list.
  • Assigned by you to others, and you can track those delegated tasks within the task management software.

Third, Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration benefits from Affnetz™ Project Management Software. Projects like events, fundraising campaigns or other initiatives are a crucial part of the organization’s operations, Affnetz™ Project Management Software provides a collaboration platform that helps your staff, Board of Directors or volunteers coordinate activities for essential initiatives. Because it is integrated with the Affnetz™ Task Management function, project tasks can be executed with full-visibility to the leadership team.

Finally, Affnetz™ Committee and Team Management functions support Nonprofit Stakeholder collaboration by allowing creation of groups that work together to achieve organizational goals. This software features:

  • Messaging within the group
  • A document and links repository
  • Integration with Zoom® and WebEx® to initiate virtual meetings directly from within Affnetz™.


Organizational effectiveness thrives on collaboration. Affnetz™ supercharges collaboration across all areas in your Nonprofit.

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Nonprofit stakeholder collaboration

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