Nonprofit Donor Retention Accelerated with Affnetz™

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Nonprofit Donor Retention Accelerated with Affnetz™

Nonprofit Donor retention and ongoing volunteer commitment figure prominently as major objectives for Nonprofit organizations. 


While most Nonprofits focus on expanding their donor, Nonprofit Donor retention often receives less attention. This is a missed opportunity because increased retention efforts can deliver big results. One study showed that a 10% attrition reduction resulted in a 200% donation increase due to existing donors:

  • Increasing annual giving amount
  • Giving via multiple channels
  • Recommending the organization to their network
  • Making planned gifts


Nonprofit Donor retention is not the only anti-attrition objective Nonprofits aim to achieve. Ensuring ongoing volunteer commitment yields big results as well. Expanding the volunteer corps continues to be a laudable goal, but encouraging long-term commitments from existing volunteers yields many benefits also. Keeping volunteers longer results in:

  • Preserving institutional knowledge
  • Providing a cadre of teachers for new volunteers
  • Nurturing a committed core of volunteers deeply committed the Nonprofit’s mission.


Nonprofit Donor Retention: How Affnetz™ Helps


Affnetz™ can support Nonprofit Donor retention via increased engagement with your organization. Frequent communication with donors can reduce attrition and reinforce their commitment to the organization’s Mission. Affnetz™ features a comprehensive Customer Relation Management (CRM) system with a blast email capability that makes communicating with donors a snap.


For Volunteers, the enhanced collaboration and communication features of  Affnetz™ help clarify expectations for their duties and improve coordination to make optimal use of their time and talent.  Affnetz™ provides these important stakeholders with tools to increase the value of their contributions. It increases the “stickiness,” thus enhancing their commitments, service, and volunteer efforts. 


 Affnetz™ supports Nonprofit Donor retention and ongoing volunteer commitment by making these Stakeholders reluctant to leave. They are motivated to keep the valuable benefits provided by the Affnetz™ Platform. 


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Nonprofit Donor Retention

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