Association Management Software: Do You Need It?

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Association Management Software: Do You Need It?

Your association needs to reach two major goals for success. First, achieve the primary mission. Second, engage members. However, behind the scenes, many tasks and processes must flow smoothly to make these things happen.


Automating the tasks and processes makes sense. But, most organizations end up with a pile of standalone software solutions. As a result, needed productivity gains to escape your grasp.


Affnetz™ breaks down the walls to get the job done.  With its patent-pending all-in-one platform, affnetz™ handles your critical processes with ease.


Affnetz™ Advantages:

  • Improve member engagement with better networking using the affnetz™ social media dashboard. For example, members create, share, and update posts. Also, they may attach images and comment on other updates and posts.

  • Track member data and actions with the robust membership database. Above all, it includes a full-featured CRM system to keep close tabs on your member base.

  • Get organized and promote working together with the affnetz™ Intranet and Project Management feature. For example, it allows file sharing to support important projects and other efforts.

  • Create and manage your events and meetings with Event Producer™. For instance, it handles multiple events easily with both online and mobile pages.

  • Uncover member opinions and attitudes with the affnetz™ Surveys and Feedback service. First, it works with the member database to request responses. Second, it allows easy analysis of returning member feedback.

  • Manage all angles of your web and mobile sites with easy-to-use web content management. Above all, it provides a simple way to help you provide fresh information about your organization.

  • Work closely with sponsors to maximize benefits for both of you. For instance, sponsors quickly see when they get a positive ROI from working with your organization.

  • Simplify administrative duties with the native affnetz™ -to-QuickBooks® integration. Essential day-to-day blocking and tackling get handled on a small budget with a small staff.

Affnetz™ delivers an all-in-one solution for making the organization run at peak efficiency.

Want to Know More?

  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase first-time and recurring donations