Association Event Management: Streamline Association or Chamber Events with Affnetz™

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Association Event Management: Streamline Association or Chamber Events with Affnetz™

Association Event Management is a critical process for Associations and Chambers. Events constitute a significant portion of non-dues revenue for many organizations. 

A successful event process must focus on some key factors.

Maximize attendance

Filling the seats is a major objective of Association Event Management. Target revenue goals cannot be met without a full house. Maximizing attendance means sending compelling invitations to potential attendees. Four ways to reach them are:

Social Media – For Association Event Management these days, raising awareness via social media is a must, especially for tech-savvy, younger members. Developing expertise within the organization for promotion via this channel will pay big dividends.

Email – These days, email suffers from a perception of obsolescence. Yet, rumors of its death are exaggerated. Professional audiences still rely on email as a crucial communication medium in their careers.

Regular mail – While digital channels dominate communication practice these days, good old-fashioned paper should not be ignored. A well-executed snail mail component can contribute admirably to the overall communication effort.

Members’ networks – Don’t forget to recruit your existing members as event promoters. For example, they can amplify social media posts to their networks to extend the organization’s communication reach.

Provide a quality experience for attendees

Think of an event as a product that needs to satisfy customer needs. Satisfied customers will buy again and speak highly of the product brand to others. Planning and executing a compelling event does not only demand creativity from your team; all these efforts must be efficient to be effective. Excellent Association Event Management means providing tools to support communication, collaboration and onsite efficiency in the drive to create a winning event.

Gather feedback after events

Ongoing Association Event Management thrives continuous improvement. Attendee feedback about all aspects of an event is crucial. This includes feedback about:

  • Promotion
  • Registration
  • Onsite experience 
  • Post-event information and activity

Gathering feedback and turning it into actionable information will provide invaluable insights into how to stage future events.

Association Event Management excellence with Affnetz™ 

Affnetz™ supports Association Event Management in multiple ways.


  • Use the Affnetz™ CRM system to promote events via blast emails and traditional mailing campaigns.
  • Create a separate event website using the Affnetz™ Content Management System.
  • Promote event information to over 50 social media sites.


  • Easy-to-build Event Form to create each event.
  • Built-in workflows to keep event planning and execution on track.


  • Check-in and badging are integrated with the Affnetz™ member database.
  • Scan badges for attendee networking or lead capture.
  • Attendees can post to over 50 popular social media sites.
  • Mobile Accessibility – All event attendee-facing functions can be accessed via mobile devices.


  • Use the Affnetz™ Survey and Feedback module to capture and analyze attendee preferences and opinions.
  • T³ Reporting from Affnetz™ provides an easy-to-use, menu-driven interface to build custom reports based on any data captured within the Platform.


  • All data is protected by Affnetz™ patent-pending encryption.
  • The Affnetz™ support team is available 7 days a week.


To learn more check out the Affnetz™ website at or feel free to connect with us at [email protected]

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Association Event Management

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  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance member and stakeholder engagement
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